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It was incredibly easy to convert the tool into a web application. The process was smooth beyond my expectation. I had a working application in the matter of a couple of days. It just blew me away. If I went with my original developer from my last product, it would have been in the range of tens of thousands of dollars to build the application.

Steve Shulman

Principal, Abenaki Analytics

I spent a few hours, and were able to get the application pretty close. Then, I had some help from the SpreadsheetWeb team to fix it up, and it all took a couple days. I was ready to go live within a week. I would have guessed that custom coding would have taken weeks or months, and thousands of dollars. Several to tens of thousands of dollars range.

Andrew Reynolds

Founder & Principal Adviser, TPD Claims Advice

We considered putting the tool online using Google Apps or Google Sheets and having certain parts of it hidden. We also considered putting it on SharePoint or some kind of online server. Our plan was to have some version of the spreadsheet, and the challenge was figuring out what the front-end would look like and how the user would interact with it. The reason why we choose SpreadsheetWeb was because the interface looked cleaner. It didn’t look like we just made a spreadsheet. From the perspective of the potential buyer, it appeared more like a tool and not like some spreadsheet which we would just give a copy of

Gershon Morgulis, MBA

Principal & Chief Business Philosopher, Imperial Advisory

We considered custom coding, but that would cost us several thousands of Euros. The initial model was going to be 6-7,000 Euros. We had to see whether the business model made sense. The custom code approach would have been too big of an investment for this. The license and fee structure of SpreadsheetWeb made this transition much easier, and save us money. Using SpreadsheetWeb, we were able to try out the tool, and avoid the initial development costs. Furthermore, the SpreadsheetWeb platform is very flexible. If we need to make any changes to the tool, it’s now in my hands to do just that. With custom coding, I would have to hire a web developer every time I needed to make an adjustment. In general, we are very happy with the solution and the service we have received.

Kim Brand

Finance and Planning Manager, Evean

Before deciding to go with SpreadsheetWeb, we compared it with other solutions. For creating our own custom coded app, we got a quote for around $80,000. There’s definitely a lot of savings there for going with SpreadsheetWeb. They did a really good job of making our tool look nice, and their team was very responsive.

Caitlin Buglione

Marketing Coordinator, Cooney Technologies

 I am not a programmer. We tried using various spreadsheet conversion tools, but couldn’t find the flexibility we were looking for. SpreadsheetWeb’s Designer module is very easy to use and flexible. At the beginning, I was a little concerned and I was trying to use the same concepts as in other tools we were using, where your file is moved completely to the web. We just needed to set it up at the beginning, but it’s much easier to use than other similar tools we’ve tried in the past. Moving the business logic was seamless.

Mowafak Gabal

Cluster Director of Finance & Business, InterContinental Hotels Group

I was impressed with how quickly and easily we could bring our reasonably sophisticated Excel models to a web format. I appreciated the samples that were demonstrated to us, and thought that they looked not only accurate, but also were aesthetically pleasing. This is very important to us, especially when we are delivering something to our clients. Looking at the quality of the work that we saw, that we would be comfortable working with Pagos to deliver a high quality, interactive application to our clients, and that our clients would be happy with the application that we gave to them. Just as care deeply about our own work that we build, we want to make sure that anything we are bringing them meets that high standard of quality. Given the research that we did, we thought we could deliver a customer-ready application in less than half the time and price with SpreadsheetWeb, versus doing it ourselves or hiring an interactive agency to build us a custom application.

Alex Corman

Principal Analyst, Technology Finance Partners

We contacted several companies. When they saw our Excel workbook, they were intimidated by it. They wanted to take the challenge, but they were going to be learning on us. The lead time from the moment we would give them the project and going into production was going to be upwards of 6 to 8 months. Seeing what can be done on the SpreadsheetWeb website with robust Excel models – when translated into web applications – was eye-opening.

This was like going to the right doctor and getting prescribed the right medicine. The time value of money was the best return I’ve seen in terms of web development for this kind of a project. The Excel expertise, knowledge in web technologies, and flexibility of the SpreadsheetWeb team was extremely valuable. The speed at which the project was deployed and went live was impressive.

Salvatore Cavalieri

CEO, WealthMakerCalculator

SpreadsheetWeb allowed us to create a web-based timesheet application with user management integration in a very short amount of time. Creating an application like this as a custom project from scratch would’ve taken months of development. The SpreadsheetWeb applications can export user data in the exact format we need to be able to push it into our payment system, while also allowing our managers to get their own special versions at the same time. We were also set everything up on our servers, keeping the data in-house.


Angela Zapata

Director of Human Resources, Creative Technology

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