“I found SpreadsheetWeb after a Google search. Then, I created a trial account and it looked like it would do what I wanted. I spent a few hours, and were able to get the application pretty close. Then, I had some help from the SpreadsheetWeb team to fix it up, and it all took a couple days. I was ready to go live within a week. I would have guessed that custom coding would have taken weeks or months, and thousands of dollars. Several to tens of thousands of dollars range. I probably wouldn’t have done this if I had to custom code it. Previously, I had a form on my website and people would send me the data. My admin person would input the data into the calculator, and send back the results to the users. We were stuck with this approach for a while. However, SpreadsheetWeb helped bridge the gap, and the end product looks and works great.”

Andrew Reynolds

Founder & Principal Adviser, EFS Advice and TPD Claims Advice