" SpreadsheetWEB streamlines our business. It allows us to price our products more accurately. With better pricing and quicker service, we‘re increasing our value in a very competitive business. To create our online rate solution for dealers, we simply built a model in Excel and loaded it into SpreadsheetWEB. Any challenges along the way were fixed in hours—not days. No reformatting is needed. SpreadsheetWEB removes legacy loan pricing and allows us to react quickly, ensuring that our rates are fair and equitable. Not only are we able to update rates and other terms for our various loan products, but dealers are also able to calculate actual loan costs based on Vehicle and customer information in seconds. There‘s no guesswork, no last minute changes, and no post-purchase denials. It also had the security capabilities and back end workflows that would make managing information easy and safe. "

Kas Naderi

Chief Information Officer, CAR Financial Services