is a cloud-based, all-in-one work management platform that helps businesses in various industries to streamline their workflow, manage projects, schedule tasks, and collaborate seamlessly.

At its core, was built as a work collaboration tool, today it can be used within different departments and different business operations such as human resources, customer relations, software development, and more. offers businesses lots of free templates and the ability to build their own templates from scratch for different business operations. So, it can be said that whether for a small business handling small projects or a large business with complex projects, can be a great solution to increase productivity and improve output.

Those are the reasons why today works great for any business since it uses a visual approach to simplify processes and is considered among the most efficient work collaboration system for businesses.

Most businesses using also use Excel spreadsheets to automate various business processes. Sales quoting, timesheet management and creating invoices are a few examples of such processes. With SpreadsheetWeb’s integration, businesses can build an interface to automate and run these processes directly from their board.

With SpreadsheetWeb Utilize as Sales Quoting Applications

One of the key functions of a sales team is to create sales quotes; a document that includes a detailed item-by-item price for products and services. Sales Quotes provide a potential buyer or customer with a quick reference of the pricing involved with purchasing specific products and services. An effective sales quote allows a customer or leads to decide whether they want to work with or purchase items from that company.

When it comes to creating quotes, businesses often prefer to use a spreadsheet program, such as Excel, since spreadsheets allow for tremendous flexibility and ensure that the sale quote is calculated accurately for their clients. SpreadsheetWeb allows businesses to create professional sales quotes in minutes, not in hours or days and impress their customers.

With the combination of SpreadsheetWeb and businesses can convert their pricing spreadsheets from Excel into full-blown web applications, and then seamlessly integrate it into boards, with all the calculations and formulas intact. With this integration, the data flows between and SpreadsheetWeb and makes quoting process smooth and simple for businesses of all sizes. Quotes can be generated without even leaving or losing track between spreadsheets.

With SpreadsheetWeb Create Timesheet Applications on

Timesheets are extremely critical for a variety of HR tasks as they can be used for various business operations such as time tracking, workload management and, salary calculations. There are many ways to collect and manage employee timesheets. One of the easiest and most popular tools for timesheet data collection is spreadsheets and web-based time-tracking software applications.

When it comes to creating time-tracking tools, Excel is a great solution for being flexible, easy to use and ensures that the calculations will always be correct. But it also comes with disadvantages since these spreadsheets are being used by many people at the same time. With time, it becomes hard to keep track of those spreadsheets in many aspects.

With SpreadsheetWeb, businesses convert their custom spreadsheet-based timesheets into a web application without any developer support. With the integration, these timesheet applications can be easily integrated into business’ workflow and can be used in the collection and aggregation of timesheet data easily.

With SpreadsheetWeb Use Invoice Spreadsheets as Web Applications on

Creating and sending invoices, tracking payment status, and following up with clients can be a time-consuming process for businesses. There are lots of software platforms on the market but, many businesses still prefer using Excel spreadsheets for invoicing, since it is easy to use, have customization capabilities, and has the capacity to integrate complex calculation logic. However, invoice spreadsheets also suffer from the lack of a centralized data repository and limited workflow capabilities.

SpreadsheetWeb decouples the calculation logic from the file-based spreadsheet approach, and also allows for a slew of capabilities beyond Excel’s offerings. With SpreadsheetWeb businesses can convert their Excel spreadsheets into a web application and include PDF invoice generation, dynamic email support, or even execution of custom logic to integrate with third-party downstream systems in those applications.

SpreadsheetWeb's integration with offers businesses a powerful alternative. Their invoicing spreadsheet models can be turned into full-blown web applications with SpreadsheetWeb with all the core functionalities and flexibility that Excel provides. Once the application is complete, it can be seamlessly integrated with a board for optimal simplicity and workflow compatibility. is a platform that helps business to manage their tasks and workflows with a user-friendly interface and high level of customization. Thousands of teams have been using for various business operations. Creating sales quotes, timesheets and invoice spreadsheets are among these operations and for these, Excel is commonly used.

The collaboration of SpreadsheetWeb and offers businesses a cost-effective and flexible solution for their business requirements. Businesses can transform those spreadsheet-based business applications into fully customizable and complex web-based applications, fully integrate them with and handle their operations without getting lost between spreadsheets!