This template evaluates your 401(k) plan position and simulates future contributions by you and your employer. This spreadsheet also provides an analysis of your final balance in regards to your contributions, your employer’s contributions, and interest earned until your retirement.

Let us show you how you can customize and use this template. The 401k Calculator tab contains a set of inputs, tables, and visualizations spread across 4 sections. The area on the top left-hand of this page is where you need to enter the information for your situation. The cells with no highlight color (white) are input cells.


Once you enter your information, you're going to see the numbers change in the other sections of this page. The table right below the input section shows an annual breakdown of your balance, contributions, and interest. The table on the right contains the aggregate data for the final balance at the time of your retirement. The charts on the lower-right corner of the page visualize the distribution trend of your money over time and how much of it was contributed by you and your employer.

The Calculations tab contains all the calculations running in the background that are being displayed on the tables and visualizations from the 401k Calculator page. If you're interested in how these values are calculated, feel free to check out this page and make any necessary changes to make it a better fit for your situation.

How to Turn Excel Templates into Web Applications

You can turn this or any Excel file into a web application with SpreadsheetWeb. Delivering it as a web application helps protect your data and business logic. Your users can still access parts of your file, enter data and see the calculation results. But they won't be able to see the actual formulas nor modify them. Delivering your Excel file as a web application will allow many users accessing it at the same time while protecting their data. They cannot see each others data. Their data is fully protected.

The web application created from this Excel template is below:


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