Every company that needs to grow and develop should have a digital transformation at some point. But not every company may have enough financial resources and an IT department to move its operations to a web platform. At this point, No-Code development platforms become a saviour.

No-code development platforms allow businesses to create web or mobile applications without programming knowledge. The No-Code approach removes the obstacle of having to have a technical background to create applications.

What Is No Code?

If we talk about what No-Code platforms are, we can define them as platforms that allow users to create applications and software without having to know how to use programming languages. These platforms are also seen as the ultimate next step in lean product development, with no (or at least fewer) developer support needed.

These platforms use a drag-and-drop approach and give the ability to build with pre-built templates that allow users to quickly create everything from landing pages to entire applications.

No-Code platforms provide companies with more than just creating web and mobile applications. With the No-Code approach, businesses can automate business operations, save lots of time and reduce human error.

In this article, we will talk about some ways businesses can benefit from No-Code platforms.

Fast building and deployment

Building web applications from scratch requires a significant amount of coding. This also takes a lot of time even if the company has a strong development team. With No-Code platforms, businesses can create their web and mobile applications from scratch by avoiding the programming phase.

Cost Savings

Creating business tools and applications requires technical expertise who can do so. If businesses do not already has this source, operational costs and wages instantly raises. No-Code platforms helps businesses to avoid these costs by simply giving non-technical users the ability to take the control of building those tools and applications. So it can be said that, employees from Finance to HR to  Marketing and Sales can easily build and deploy every tool they need easily.

Create Smart Workflows

Using No-Code platforms for automating workflows can help businesses to thrive. Businesses can automate workflows much more quickly. With No-Code platforms businesses can automate processses from onboarding and training to approvals without the need to build custom software from the scratch, teams can begin creating workflows right away. Thus, businesses can instantly reduce the amount of time and money necessary to integrate automation into their business operations.

Increased Productivity

Application development is both time and money consuming. With No-Code platforms, IT teams can skip development stages and quickly create what they need. As a result, IT departments can save a large quantity of time, this leads investing the time and cost that would be spent into other projects of the business and bring innovation. Also, No-Code platforms allows not only IT but also other departments to deploy rapid solutions. So, businesses do not have to hire developers or create huge IT departments for tool and application building processes. In short, by using no code platforms, employee productivity also increases due to the acceleration in business operations.

Easy Update

After building an application or a business tool, updates may be required often and this may not be an easy process. Making updates and changes in No-Code platforms are simple unlike manual coding. Also, there’s no need to go through lines of codes to make a change. With the No-Code approach, businesses can easily make updates with the visual interface and release an updated app in minutes.