Newton, MA, April 5, 2021 –​ Pagos today announced the release of SpreadsheetWeb 6.22, introducing integration with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like HubSpot and Pipedrive.

To simplify integration with third party systems, SpreadsheetWeb is now available on the HubSpot and Pipedrive marketplaces, and support for other CRM platforms will be coming.

Thanks to its ease-of use, Excel is typically the go-to platform for sales teams for pricing and quoting. By integrating their spreadsheet calculations, sales teams will be able to utilize their Excel models from the same location where they control customer acquisition pipeline. Through integrations with CRM systems, SpreadsheetWeb effectively streamlines the Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) process.

Users can install SpreadsheetWeb on their preferred CRM platform, run calculations through their SpreadsheetWeb applications, and get the results back in the CRM system. Input and output data can be saved into various properties inside HubSpot or Pipedrive, such as Contact or Deal details.

“We have a considerable number of users relying on SpreadsheetWeb for their CPQ process. Since CPQ is an essential part of customer acquisition, we believe that letting our users utilize their SpreadsheetWeb applications from inside their CRM systems was the natural next step. This way, our users can enjoy all the benefits of SpreadsheetWeb, such as a centralized version control and ability to implement complex calculations without coding, directly from their CRM board.” says Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos, and adds: “We started integrating SpreadsheetWeb with two popular CRM solutions, HubSpot and Pipedrive, and we will be adding more to our repertoire. We are thrilled to give our users the ability to use their Excel-based rating and quoting tools directly on their CRM boards.”


About Pagos

Pagos helps businesses translate their employees’ collective Microsoft Excel expertise into robust web applications, empowering them to create secure, responsive, database-driven applications directly from their Excel spreadsheets. This provides companies with a higher level of governance for critical information and – combined with built-in workflow and reporting capabilities – offers an end-to-end platform for business users seeking to create and manage their own web applications.


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