CAMBRIDGE, MA - July 16, 2014 - Anyone can be a data visualization expert with a few hours of practice – at least with Visart. Developers are working around the clock to prepare for the fast approaching product launch.

Visart stands alone as a spinoff product of SpreadsheetWEB; a technology that’s been used to transform spreadsheet-based tools into web applications for years. The software is the same, but the packaging is different – intended to support the everyday user.

Whether it be research, entrepreneurship, or general curiosity, Visart allows users from all walks of life the freedom to manipulate data with creative graphs, maps and objects. Users can also organize these objects on a virtually unlimited dashboard space and share it with others.

Chief Executive Officer, Ugur Kadakal believes this product will make data fun, a slogan that can be found on the Visart website.

“We are very excited to release Visart as a stand-alone data visualization product. For years many of our clients have been using it as the reporting module of our SpreadsheetWEB software. Now it can be used and licensed as a stand-alone data visualization software. We will be adding many cool new features to make visart a data visualization tool for the masses.”

Visart recently launched a new Extension capability – a Google Maps Extension which can be found here– and will steamroll many new features in the months to come. The goal is to make data visualization simple, affordable and powerful; and was created with the end user in mind.

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