You add a new line into a cell and press Enter just like in any text editor. By doing so, Excel selects the cell below the previous one instead of adding a new line. But, how do you move on to a new line in the same cell?

There are two ways to do this,

  1. Pressing Alt+Enter
  2. Using CHAR(10) formula (CHAR(13) on Mac)

Alt + Enter

The Alt + Enter combination basically works like the Enter key in text editors. But how about formulas or merging strings with every string  on its own line? This is when you should use the CHAR(10) formula.

CHAR(10) or CHAR(13)

The CHAR function returns a string character from a character code. The number parameter 10 represents the character limit. However, an important thing to remember here is that character codes may differ between operating systems and CHAR function's result may differ as well. For example, while CHAR(10) returns new line character in Windows, Mac users should use CHAR(13).

You can find more detailed use of CHAR function here.