Most marketing experts agree that an online calculator is a very effective tool in increasing website traffic and generating leads.

Developing those online calculators can be challenging. Most businesses have specific calculation algorithms that need to be incorporated into code. While there are plenty of tools for building the user interface of these types of calculators, implementing the mathematical formulas and algorithms is not easy. Often, you will need to build the formulas by writing code or using some sort of proprietary scripting language. This comes with a learning curve and takes considerable time. The more complex your calculations, the longer it will take to develop your online calculators.

If you ask a business user “what is the easiest way to build a calculator”, the majority of them would answer “using Excel”. Almost every business user knows how to use Excel and has a license. Writing formulas and connecting them via Excel’s intuitive grid structure is very easy. Therefore, one can build an extremely complex calculator in Excel. The odds are, pretty much all companies have one of those Excel calculators built and used by their employees.

The main challenge is turning these Excel calculators into online tools. Nobody wants their online calculators to look like an Excel spreadsheet – you want your online calculators to look professional, and easy to navigate. You want it to match the look and feel of your website. You would also want to collect some information from your users to effectively turn them into leads.

Developing online calculators is one of the most common use cases of SpreadsheetWeb. You can turn your Excel calculator into a professional looking, scalable online calculator without any coding. You can also enable automation by collecting contact information from your visitors to send them detailed results. This helps you turn your web site visitors into leads.

As an example, the following ROI calculator is built on SpreadsheetWeb from an Excel calculator. It is embedded into this website using iframe. The application requires the user to answer a few simple questions across several pages and calculates their Return on Investment (ROI) by moving from traditional light fixtures to LED. In the end, it offers the user a detailed report after submitting their contact information.

Building this online calculator from an Excel calculator took less than 15 minutes. If you do not believe us, watch the demo below where we demonstrate this process from start to end.

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