Should you lease or purchase your new dream car? Purchasing a car is a big purchase, and you wouldn't want to rush it! A car is an asset, but they lose value over time. On the other hand, leasing can still provide the benefits of owning a car, but typically at a lower premium. However, you don't get to keep the car at the end of your term. At the end of the day, either option can make sense if the numbers are in your favor.

This is an easy to use Excel template that can help you decide whether you should lease or purchase a new vehicle. Plug in the details of the vehicle you are interested in the blue table, and you will see which option makes more sense under the Results section. To the right of this section, you will see the breakdown of your monthly payments for the lease period you have entered. This is a dynamic table and will show only the months with payments.

You can download the Excel template by pressing the button below, and find out if lease or purchase is the right way to go.

How to Turn Excel Templates into Web Applications

You can turn this or any Excel file into a web application with SpreadsheetWeb. Delivering it as a web application helps protect your data and business logic. Your users can still access parts of your file, enter data and see the calculation results. But they won't be able to see the actual formulas nor modify them. Delivering your Excel file as a web application will allow many users accessing it at the same time while protecting their data. They cannot see each others data. Their data is fully protected.

The web application created from this Excel template is below:

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