Convert Spreadsheets into Web Applications in Minutes

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Use SpreadsheetWEB Excel Addin to convert your workbook

Run Microsoft Excel. In the menu bar you will find a new menu item between 'Window' and 'Help' called SpreadsheetWEB. Easiest way to convert a spreadsheet is to use Publish feature. Open an Excel file and click on Publish in the SpreadsheetWEB menu drop-down list. You will be asked to enter your username and password. Your spreadsheet will then be published for you. Visit our online documentation pages for more information about other SpreadsheetWEB features and how to convert more complex spreadsheets: SpreadsheetWEB Online Help Document

Manage your Web Application in SpreadsheetWEB Control Panel

The SpreadsheetWEB control panel is a web administration tool that allows you to manage your SpreadsheetWEB web applications, retrieve submitted form data, and manage your account.