Of course, there isn’t a chart type called a pizza chart in Excel. On the other hand, Excel has a support for inserting images into chart elements. With help of this cool feature, you can give your charts a fancy look. In this article, we are going to show you how to create a pizza chart in Excel

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Creating a pie chart

Let’s start with creating a pie chart. This is the closest thing that resembles a pizza. If you are not familiar with pie charts, follow the steps:

  1. Select your data. If the whole data is living in adjacent cells in a proper table form, selecting a single cell is enough.
  2. Activate the Insert tab in the ribbon
  3. Click on the Pie Chart icon in the Charts section
  4. Select 2-D Pie chart
    How to create a pizza chart in Excel - Pie Chart

If you want to learn about pie charts, please check our Pie Chart in Excel guide.

Ordering pizza slices

Once the generic and boring pie chart is created, it’s time to convert it to a pizza chart.

  1. Start by selecting a slice of your pie chart. Not the whole chart, only a slice.
  2. Right-click and select Format Data Point item to display properties pane.
  3. Open Fill & Line tab in the pane.
  4. Select Picture or texture fill option under Fill.
  5. The previous step will show Insert Picture From section
  6. Use the option to add your picture. E.g. File if the images are in your local or network drive
    How to create a pizza chart in Excel - Format Data Point

It is common if your image does not fit to the pie of your chart.

OK. This doesn’t look fancy. However, Excel presents a set of options with inserting image ability. Play with those options to find the best settings that fits your need.

Usually, enabling Tile picture as texture and setting the Alignment to Center will resolve most of the problems.

Also, you can use Offset X, Y to shift your image, Scale X, Y to zoom in/out or Mirror type to change your images reflections.

This is I the end of our How to create a pizza chart in Excel article. Although, we have used a pie chart and pizza images for fun; you can apply this trick to other charts as well. Try different variations and get rid of boring charts.
How to create a pizza chart in Excel - Bar Chart