Hybrid working has been around for some time but with the pandemic, there has been a huge shift to a remote working model. Today, companies continue working from home in some form or another; with some employees working completely remotely and some remaining onsite.

Remote and hybrid working models come with a lot of advantages, but they also came with some disadvantages. Companies try to eliminate these disadvantages by using online workspaces that will improve their business operations and easy to use for their employees.

What is an Online Workspace?

An online workspace is a virtual environment enabling businesses to create a centralized platform to connect with their employees and enable them to work online together. Online workspaces are great for teams to work online and make working together easier, whether they are a team of 10 or 200, or a club, an association, or a non-profit,

Recently, online workspaces have increased in numbers; They have improved and started to offer more effective tools, safe file storage, better customer support, and faster data availability. With online workspaces, businesses can eliminate geographic barriers, enable hybrid/remote working, and help employees work ‘on the go’ regardless of their location or device.

When companies decide to use an online workspace, researching different options and comparing tools to find the perfect platform for their team can get overwhelming quickly. The most common thing that every company looks for in an online workspace it to share, track, schedule, automate and collaborate online while getting teams motivated and aligned.

Creating an Online Workspace with SpreadsheetWeb Hub

SpreadsheetWeb is a no-code platform designed to give businesses the ability to turn their spreadsheets into full-blown web applications with complete support for spreadsheet calculations; SpreadsheetWeb Hub is the next phase of SpreadsheetWeb. One of the new features of SpreadsheetWeb Hub is workspaces that users be able to create some amazing new applications and workflows.

In the SpreadsheetWeb Hub, a workspace represents a collection of all your work. Effectively, all content created or contributed will live under a workspace. Users can belong to multiple workspaces, typically through invitation, but the system also allows for one free-tiered workspace per user.

If you are a company using Excel spreadsheets for your business needs and looking for a secure online workspace to move your files and communication to SpreadsheetWeb Hub can be what you are looking for!

Let’s look at more features that SpreadsheetWeb Hub offers businesses and how to make the best use out of them.

1. Secure Access Permissions

With SpreadsheetWeb, you can control access all the way down to the cell level. Also, you can set permissions or restrictions for each activity that can be performed in the workspace. Thus, each user can access only the content to which they have access authorization. You can use tags and identity templates as a user role management system (e.g., data entry, manager), a set of statuses for data records (e.g., submitted, approved), or something altogether specific to your needs!

2. Collaboration and communication

Allowing team members to share their opinions, information, and updates with others, synchronously at any time is important. With SpreadsheetWeb Hub’s "Conversation Module", users who belong to a workspace will no longer need to send emails to one another or use a separate platform for application or record-related conversations!

Teams can use the Application and Data Chat features to track the history of an application or data record. They can share files, exchange ideas, request updates for an application or specific record and get their work done!

3. Workflow and Approval Management

Every business has its own set of workflows for everyday tasks. With SpreadsheetWeb Hub, businesses can create workflows with custom rules and automate every step of their approval process to enhance their team’s efficiency and productivity, can get faster business results and avoid critical mistakes by reducing human error.

4. Integration with other software

SpreadsheetWeb Hub can provide not only a place to work together but can also be integrated with the other tools you use. Businesses can handle their operations easier and faster. They can allow their teams to manage all their work through the same platform, rather than switching between programs. Some common integrations of SpreadsheetWeb Hub are Zapier, Make.com, and businesses' favorite CRM systems!

Online workspaces improve teamwork, support employees in countless ways and are the perfect solution for especially remote and hybrid teams to automate repetitive tasks, improve collaboration and communication, and optimize operations.

With SpreadsheetWeb Hub, businesses can optimize business operations and improve efficiency whatever industry they work in. Overall, they can create smarter workflows, improve team communication, and ensure that the sensitive business information is always secure.