We know that creating and designing applications can be complicated at first, especially if you are not familiar with the platform and its features. It takes time to learn a new platform. Even if you are familiar with a platform, it still takes considerable time to build an application. That’s why we built the Automated App Generation feature to help our users get their applications from model-to-application as quickly as possible.

If you have your Excel file ready with all its inputs, outputs, and calculations, just upload your file and let the Automated App Generation tool create your application. It will offer you different user interface options to select from based on the structure of your Excel file.

Our platform will first analyse the entire structure of your Excel file. It will go through each formula to understand the dependency structure between cells. It will try to detect the input and output cells and turn them into web controls in a web interface. It will produce different user interface variations to choose from. To navigate between those auto-generated user interface options, you can use the Next Suggestion and Previous Suggestion buttons. Once you are satisfied with your application’s structure, hit the Commit button to publish the application.

We recognise that not every suggestion will match your requirements. That’s why we list all available controls in the Controls section. You can choose the closest suggestion and add or remove specific controls from this menu to bring the application closer to your requirements.

Here are a few examples of how this new feature can turn your Excel files into a web application. The image below shows a sales quoting tool built in Excel to calculate health insurance premiums for a fictitious insurance company. The image on the right shows the web application built with this feature.


The first image below is a reporting application built in Excel. The second image is the web application created automatically.


The first image below shows a weekly timesheet built-in Excel for employees to log their work hours in to calculate their payments. The second image shows the web application built with the Automated App Generation feature.

With the new Automated App Generation feature, we allow our users to get their applications up and running in minutes with no effort. With this tool, everyone can convert their Excel models into an application on SpreadsheetWeb Hub even if they are not familiar with our platform. We built this feature to allow our new users to get their applications from model to application as quickly as possible without spending time learning our platform. While we will continue improving our algorithms, it may not always be possible to automatically create web applications from complex Excel files. You can always engage our in-house experts to help convert your complex spreadsheets into web applications.

For more information about how to use SpreadsheetWeb Hub’s new Automated App Generation Tool, do not forget to check out our help page or our course about Automated App Generation.