Be it for creating a time card or planning, creating a flexible calendar where you can omit holidays will come in very handy. Using the WORKDAY function you can easily create such a table and incorporate it in your data models.


=WORKDAY(previous date, 1)


  1. Begin by typing in =WORKDAY(
  2. Select or type in the range reference that contains the previous date (i.e. B3) and follow with a 1
  3. Close the formula by typing in ) and press Enter


The WORKDAY function handles this by returning a date value, while  adding days to a start date and omitting the weekends. The function has 3 arguments including the start date, how many days to add, and an optional argument that represents any holidays if you want to skip additional days.

In our example, the start date in B3 is static. Following cells in column B are populated by the WORKDAY function which retrieve the start date as a relative reference (i.e. B3, B3, B4 …) to maintain updating references while copying the formula down.