This is an easy to use depreciation calculator template that can give you the annual depreciation rates and book values using straight-line, double-declining balance, and units of production methods. Simply enter the asset details like the initial value, salvage value, useful life, and its productive capacity on the top section, and below you will find the annual depreciation tables with the amounts, rates, and book values calculated with the three methods.

The input fields are the white cells, and the results are displayed in the cells with various red highlights. The units of production method also requires entering the time the asset was used in terms of hours - the cells in this column are also white for consistency. Note that the amortization tables go up to 10 years for each method. If you need it to go beyond 10 years, feel free to modify the template by extending the three tables.

Remember to update the calculations on the right, outside the blue borders if you'd like to make any changes or extend tables.


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The web application created from this Excel template is below:

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