Transform Spreadsheet Formulas into APIs

Any complex spreadsheet model can be published as a JSON based REST service with SpreadsheetWeb

Faster Development

Eliminate time consuming and tedious business logic programming and use logic already built into spreadsheets

Better Collaboration

Make business units active participants in the development process by using their spreadsheet models

Easier Maintenance

Any business logic update is done by business units in spreadsheet format. Development teams don't have to be involved.

If you have a proprietary spreadsheet or a specific business challenge, set up a web call with one of our specialists and discuss how SpreadsheetWeb can help you.

“The Pagos product transforms the everyday excel spreadsheet we all know how to use into a service-oriented, enterprise-grade rating and forms engine. It used to take us months to develop and deploy new programs. Now in a matter of days, we can deploy new programs to both our internal underwriters and our customer agents on the web.”

West McAdams

Underwriting President, CRC Insurance Services

Simple Interface

Focus on building your application instead of back-end calculations

How to Use SpreadsheetWeb API

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