For years, businesses have been using word processing programs like Microsoft Word to create documents. Microsoft Word is something that businesses already know, so they can design and edit templates without large-scale IT involvement.

Creating documents with Microsoft Word is beneficial, but it also brings some disadvantages too. Using Microsoft Word can be complex and not always intuitive when it comes to trying to insert pictures and align text correctly around the pictures. The options available in Microsoft Word seem to offer what businesses need, but unfortunately, they do not always get the desired effect.

These disadvantages push companies to look for different, secure, flexible, and efficient solutions for creating their documents. At that point, the dynamic document generation tools come to the stage.

Dynamic document generation is the process of automatically creating documents that are personalized with dynamic data from a source. As an example, you can think of quotes, contracts, letters, and legal documents personalized to address each recipient.

Dynamic document generation gives businesses the freedom to create templates for any kind of document and then easily populate that template with relevant data. The types of templates that can be created are limitless, and document requirements may differ by industry. That is why document creation is something that is needed in every sector such as banks, health care, legal services, finance, human resources etc...

For dynamic document creation, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are one of the most used data sources. Excel is a great tool for organizing dynamic data as it is easy to use and gives great control over the data. Just like Microsoft Word, companies are familiar with Excel, so they can easily create their spreadsheets and use a suitable tool that meets their business needs to convert the data contained in their spreadsheets into dynamic documents.

SpreadsheetWeb offers businesses to generate dynamic documents with dynamic content. Businesses can create proposal documents, and work orders, on the fly from their application.

With SpreadsheetWeb’s dynamic document generation capabilities, businesses can generate contracts, proposals, quotes, or any other similar document with the click of a button to give their users a nice printable document. What needs to be done is to simply build their template in Word and use it in their web application. SpreadsheetWeb applications are based on Excel so, you can plug in any value generated by your spreadsheet calculations.




Advantages of Using SpreadsheetWeb for Dynamic Document Creation

With SpreadsheetWeb, human involvement is limited which means it is faster and error-free. Gathering data, inserting it into the document and even distributing the document to the recipients are managed only by using your SpreadsheetWeb application.

SpreadsheetWeb also provides you with the speed and flexibility you need. You can generate documents and even send them as emails only with a few clicks. Also, update the application or the template in a few minutes when needed and ensure that everyone is always using or receiving the most up-to-date application and document.


With SpreadsheetWeb’s advanced security model, you can control access all the way down to the cell level, users can run your models without gaining access to any of your sensitive information and the created document will only include what you wanted to be included.

Using SpreadsheetWeb’s integrations with numerous apps; created documents can be shared across different platforms. Businesses can also enable digital signatures to collect signatures from their customers. With SpreadsheetWeb, businesses can create workflows intended to produce and manage digital documents. Businesses can take automated document generation another step further and integrate any kind of calculation logic into their documents.

All businesses need and use documents for many reasons. Automating the document creation process is also important for companies. When it comes to using a secure, flexible, and efficient tool for generating dynamic documents SpreadsheetWeb is the perfect answer to create transactional documents like receipts and contracts as well as invoices and purchase orders personalized to address each recipient on the fly from their application.

For more information about creating dynamic documents with SpreadsheetWeb, you can check out our course or contact us.