Weight and Mass

Weight and mass From_unit or to_unit
Gram "g"
Slug "sg"
Pound mass (avoirdupois) "lbm"
U (atomic mass unit) "u"
Ounce mass (avoirdupois) "ozm"
Grain "grain"
U.S. (short) hundredweight "cwt" or "shweight"
Imperial hundredweight "uk_cwt" or "lcwt" ("hweight")
Stone "stone"
Ton "ton"
Imperial ton "uk_ton" or "LTON" ("brton")


Distance From_unit or to_unit
Meter "m"
Statute mile "mi"
Nautical mile "Nmi"
Inch "in"
Foot "ft"
Yard "yd"
Angstrom "ang"
Ell "ell"
Light-year "ly"
Parsec "parsec" or "pc"
Pica (1/72 inch) "Picapt" or "Pica"
Pica (1/6 inch) "pica"
U.S survey mile (statute mile) "survey_mi"


Time From_unit or to_unit
Year "yr"
Day "day" or "d"
Hour "hr"
Minute "mn" or "min"
Second "sec" or "s"


Pressure From_unit or to_unit
Pascal "Pa" (or "p")
Atmosphere "atm" (or "at")
mm of Mercury "mmHg"
PSI "psi"
Torr "Torr"


Force From_unit or to_unit
Newton "N"
Dyne "dyn" (or "dy")
Pound force "lbf"
Pond "pond"


Energy From_unit or to_unit
Joule "J"
Erg "e"
Thermodynamic calorie "c"
IT calorie "cal"
Electron volt "eV" (or "ev")
Horsepower-hour "HPh" (or "hh")
Watt-hour "Wh" (or "wh")
Foot-pound "flb"
BTU "BTU" (or "btu")


Power From_unit or to_unit
Horsepower "HP" (or "h")
Pferdestärke "PS"
Watt "W" (or "w")


Magnetism From_unit or to_unit
Tesla "T"
Gauss "ga"


Temperature From_unit or to_unit
Degree Celsius "C" (or "cel")
Degree Fahrenheit "F" (or "fah")
Kelvin "K" (or "kel")
Degrees Rankine "Rank"
Degrees Réaumur "Reau"


Volume (or liquid measure) From_unit or to_unit
Teaspoon "tsp"
Modern teaspoon "tspm"
Tablespoon "tbs"
Fluid ounce "oz"
Cup "cup"
U.S. pint "pt" (or "us_pt")
U.K. pint "uk_pt"
Quart "qt"
Imperial quart (U.K.) "uk_qt"
Gallon "gal"
Imperial gallon (U.K.) "uk_gal"
Liter "l" or "L" ("lt")
Cubic angstrom "ang3" or "ang^3"
U.S. oil barrel "barrel"
U.S. bushel "bushel"
Cubic feet "ft3" or "ft^3"
Cubic inch "in3" or "in^3"
Cubic light-year "ly3" or "ly^3"
Cubic meter "m3" or "m^3"
Cubic Mile "mi3" or "mi^3"
Cubic yard "yd3" or "yd^3"
Cubic nautical mile "Nmi3" or "Nmi^3"
Cubic Pica "Picapt3", "Picapt^3", "Pica3" or "Pica^3"
Gross Registered Ton "GRT" ("regton")
Measurement ton (freight ton) "MTON"


Area From_unit or to_unit
International acre "uk_acre"
U.S. survey/statute acre "us_acre"
Square angstrom "ang2" or “ang^2"
Are "ar"
Square feet "ft2" or "ft^2"
Hectare "ha"
Square inches "in2" or "in^2"
Square light-year "ly2" or "ly^2"
Square meters "m2" or "m^2"
Morgen "Morgen"
Square miles "mi2" or "mi^2"
Square nautical miles "Nmi2" or "Nmi^2"
Square Pica "Picapt2", "Pica2", "Pica^2" or "Picapt^2"
Square yards "yd2" or "yd^2"


Information From_unit or to_unit
Bit "bit"
Byte "byte"


Speed From_unit or to_unit
Admiralty knot "admkn"
Knot "kn"
Meters per hour "m/h" or "m/hr"
Meters per second "m/s" or "m/sec"
Miles per hour "mph"

Prefixes that can be prepended to any metric from_unit or to_unit

Prefix Multiplier Abbreviation
yotta 1E+24 "Y"
zetta 1E+21 "Z"
exa 1E+18 "E"
peta 1E+15 "P"
tera 1E+12 "T"
giga 1E+09 "G"
mega 1E+06 "M"
kilo 1E+03 "k"
hecto 1E+02 "h"
dekao 1E+01 "da" or "e"
deci 1E-01 "d"
centi 1E-02 "c"
milli 1E-03 "m"
micro 1E-06 "u"
nano 1E-09 "n"
pico 1E-12 "p"
femto 1E-15 "f"
atto 1E-18 "a"
zepto 1E-21 "z"
yocto 1E-24 "y"


Binary Prefix Prefix Value Abbreviation Derived from
yobi 2^80 = 1 208 925 819 614 629 174 706 176 "Yi" yotta
zebi 2^70 = 1 180 591 620 717 411 303 424 "Zi" zetta
exbi 2^60 = 1 152 921 504 606 846 976 "Ei" exa
pebi 2^50 = 1 125 899 906 842 624 "Pi" peta
tebi 2^40 = 1 099 511 627 776 "Ti" tera
gibi 2^30 = 1 073 741 824 "Gi" giga
mebi 2^20 = 1 048 576 "Mi" mega
kibi 2^10 = 1024 "ki" kilo