One of the most common error codes, the #N/A error, stands for "not available" or "no value available". This typically means that one or more references targeted by that cell is not valid or no result could be generated from your selection. Although errors are obviously best avoided, you can use the NA Excel function to return an #N/A error as a workaround to intentionally generate this error through a formula, and the output can be used in other formulas for specific scenarios. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to use NA Excel function and also go over some tips and error handling methods.

Supported versions

  • All Excel versions

NA Excel Function Syntax



The NA Excel function requires no arguments.


Simple use case

formula returns an #N/A error in the originating cell. The function can be combined with other functions.

Within a formula

The NA Excel function can be used as a return value for other functions, such as IF, to determine an invalid return. For example, the following formula returns #N/A error if Value1 is equal or less than Value2:


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  • The NA Excel function, as well as the #N/A value generated through this formula are compatible with other spreadsheet functions.
  • You can also type #N/A directly into a cell to do this.