QUOTIENT is a Math and Trigonometry function which calculates and returns the integer portion of a division. This function can be especially useful for when you want to discard the remainder of a division, and not any of the values. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to use the QUOTIENT function and also throw in some tips and error handling methods.

Supported versions

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QUOTIENT Function's Syntax

QUOTIENT(numerator, denominator)


numerator The dividend, which is the numeric value to be divided.
denominator The divisor, which is the numeric value to divide the numerator.


QUOTIENT Function's Example

The function only requires two arguments: numerator and denominator. Excel divides the numerator argument by the denominator value, and returns the integer part of the result back into the cell. For example, to calculate the remainder value for dividing 10 by 3, a formula like the following can be used:


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  • If you want to get the remainder of an operation in addition to the division value, use the forward slash division operator (/) instead.
  • To get the remainder of a division, use the MOD function.


  • The QUOTIENT will return a #DIV/0! error if the denominator is zero (0).