This article shows how to calculate Excel table totals by using Excel Table which is one of the most underrated features in Excel.


  1. Select a cell inside your table or whole range
  2. Press Ctrl + T or click Table icon under INSERT tab on the ribbon
  3. Make sure My table has headers checkbox is checked if your table has headers
  4. Click OK to convert your range into a Table
  5. Check Total Row checkbox under TABLE TOOLS > DESIGN tab to add Total Row


Excel Table is a tool for managing and analyzing data in tabular format. Excel Table provides the data in a special structure, which includes filtering, formatting, sizing and auto populating formulas dynamically. Once a range becomes a table, you can use structured references (e.g. Table1[Sales]) instead of regular A1 reference. Because of this structured references and auto-sizing ability of tables, there is no need to update formulas as you enter data into the table.

If your data is in a proper tabular form, title at the top and data continues vertically, it is easy to convert your range into a table. Just click on a cell in your table and press Ctrl + T. Click OK in the dialog and voila, your table is ready.

Once the table is ready to use, click on the last cell of its last column and press Tab key to create a new row. If you have formulas in a column, they will be populated automatically. Also, Excel table totals are automatically adjusted as new rows are added to the table.