Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

  • Drag and drop controls from a web interface
  • Associate each control with a cell in the Excel file

Rich Library of Controls for your Applications

Standard Web Controls

Enhance your applications with various web controls such as list boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, sliders, and file upload. Each control can be referenced to a cell in the workbook to trigger calculations.


Select from a wide library of charts to improve your application. You can also animate your charts across a timeline to create better user experience.


Include maps if you have specific data like country, or region (state, county, etc.) names. You can also create location maps if your data contains latitude and longitudinal information. You can further enhance them with multiples and animation features.


Grid controls make it easy to represent and collect tabular data in your web application and map to named ranges in your workbook for calculations. You can also assign different controls like calendars, check boxes or drop downs to each column.

Over 450 Excel Functions Supported

  • High performance calculation engine
  • Fully compatible with Excel's calculation algorithms
  • Supports cross-sheet formula references
  • Supports nested functions (up to 64 levels)



  • Select from a library of built-in stylesheets
  • Customize existing stylesheets
  • Upload your own stylesheet



Responsive Design

  • Application layout changes with screen resolution
  • Responsive layouts for mobile, tablet and, desktop devices

Online Databases

  • Save user data into a database
  • View user submitted data through a web interface
  • Share data with others


  • Create database queries to retrieve data from other applications
  • Trigger workbook formulas with query results
  • Populate drop-downs and list boxes with query results

Web Interface to Manage Applications

  • Configure security of your applications
  • Manage user accounts
  • Access and share saved application data
  • Analyze and visualize application usage data

Dynamic Document Generation

  • Map user inputs and calculation results to a PDF document
  • Create document templates in Microsoft Word
  • Dynamic document generation by hiding pages or sections
  • Embed headers and footers
  • Embed dynamic charts, and maps

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