This article shows you how to find nth smallest value in a data table by using the SMALL function.


=SMALL(absolute data range reference, nth)


  1. Start with =SMALL( function
  2. Select the range that contains the values $B$2:$G$7,
  3. Select the cell that contains the nth value or you can manually enter the value I3
  4. Type ) to finish and complete the formula.


The SMALL function returns the nth smallest value in a data table. The SMALL function has two arguments; first one is an array of values, and the second one is the position of the smallest value.


The function returns #NUM! under these circumstances:

  • If array is empty
  • If n is greater that the number of data points. For example; if array has 5 items, however you try to get 10th smallest item.
  • If n <= 0

To get the minimum value, you can also use the MIN function.

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