It is important to track the usage of your SpreadsheetWeb applications. You can use the built-in Analytics feature in the Control Panel. You can also use Google Analytics which is one of the most popular website tracking and reporting tool in the market.

Note that this feature is applicable on Private Cloud or Server deployments where your control the domain settings.


1. Register and Sign-in to Google Analytics

The very first step in the process is to sign up for a Google Analytics account unless you already have one. Then sign-in to your account.


2. Set up a New Property

Create a new property associated for your sub-domain where SpreadsheetWeb server is installed and configured.

Once the property is configured, Google Analytics will produce a unique Tracking-ID for your sub-domain.


3. Enable Google Tracking for your SpreadsheetWeb

The next step is to edit your SpreadsheetWeb application and enter your Tracking ID where it says “Google Analytics Key”.


Save and Publish your application.

Note that this feature is application specific. You must enable the tracking feature in each application you'd like to track through Google Analytics.


3. Monitor your web traffic on Google Analytics

Login to your Google Analytics account and start monitoring traffic to your SpreadsheetWeb applications.