With hundreds of currencies used across the world, which ones have been performing the best in terms of value store? If this is something you want to know for building or reallocating your portfolio, this historical currency exchange rate comparison template is for you.

Keeping all your money in a single currency comes with risk. Alternative investment tools like commodities and bonds offer some diversification. Comparing how different currencies have performed in the past can give you an insight as to how you might want to further diversify your assets. If one currency is dipping due to political or geographical issues in a specific area, you will have an edge by owning multiple currencies. A portfolio consisting of multiple currencies that relate closely, you might be at a higher risk in the case of a downturn.

Using spreadsheets makes it easy to run analysis and build models for financial decision-making. Thanks to recent updates in Excel you can pull the data directly into your workbook and run a historical currency exchange rate comparison. You do not have to keep updating your workbooks or use third-party services for this anymore.

This historical currency exchange rate comparison template can help you compare up to 5 currencies side-by-side. You can enter up to 5 currency combinations to compare against, and select a metric, like opening price, closing price, or trading volume for the selected currencies. The chart in the center will update when you enter a valid symbol. Finally, select the Data Type and the Period you would like to plot the data.

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