Finance departments are usually the heaviest users of Excel spreadsheets within any organization. With the data-heavy responsibilities of financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting and reporting, Finance departments are shackled to massive spreadsheets. As vital as those spreadsheets are, they are also despised, because of inherent limitations and shortcomings. One such limitation is the lack of security. Although familiar within the culture, Excel was not designed for collaborative work and the features for securing elements on worksheets to which users share access are extremely limited. Custom software is not financially viable so many companies struggle through or seek other pre-packaged solutions. Those cookie-cutter software packages usually lack the level of flexibility that only Excel provides.

SpreadsheetWEB offers the ultimate solution. It empowers finance departments to utilize their customized, familiar Excel spreadsheets to develop financial models and tools. Then, they simply deploy them as web applications through SpreadsheetWEB. Each user can access the model from a secure, single point of entry. This means each user can only view, modify and work on the portions of the model they are granted access to. Their data is securely stored in the database instead of individual spreadsheet files. Data security prevents users from seeing each other’s data. At the same time, users with a higher level of privileges can view and audit data entered by users within their department. The result is, CFOs can see consolidated results in real time for various scenarios. A built in auditing feature captures each and every modification on a spreadsheet, providing unparalleled audit capabilities required by regulations or policies.