IT Departments are constantly strained, caught in the middle of updating antiquated software as well as shifting on the fly to keep up with as the demands of new technologies like mobile computing, social media, and the migration to cloud-based applications. Often, they have limited resources and more work to complete than ever. CIO’s have no choice but to find alternative ways of handling application development and maintenance.

SpreadsheetWEB offers a great alternative to traditional application development. For years, business users have been developing internal applications using Microsoft Excel. Company leadership turns to the IT department, asking them to automate massive spreadsheet tools and processes. Traditionally, that meant utilizing massive worktime, recoding in a programming environment like .NET or Java, in order to automate and/or web-enable those spreadsheet programs.

Not any more. SpreadsheetWEB can turn business-owned spreadsheet applications into secure, database-driven, web-based applications without writing a single line of code. Business users can maintain the business logic residing in an Excel spreadsheet, while the IT department can manage the security of the spreadsheets and data from a central location.

Companies achieve unparalleled efficiencies utilizing SpreadsheetWEB. It empowers both business units and IT departments to collaborate on application development and maintenance. The results are significantly improved delivery timelines and under budget projects. Because the final application is based on business owned spreadsheets, the final product is fully aligned with the business requirements. That’s next level thinking, real-time efficiency and a win-win solution for organizations that want to use their IT Departments in the most productive way.

Real-time information exchange has added immense value to our business. Not only are we able to update rates and other terms for our various loan products, but dealers are also able to calculate actual loan costs based on Vehicle and customer information in seconds. There‘s no guesswork, no last minute changes, and no post-purchase denials. SpreadsheetWEB streamlines our business. It allows us to price our products more accurately. With better pricing and quicker service, we‘re increasing our value in a very competitive business.

Kas naderi

CIO, CAR Financial Services


Top national auto lender keeps profits in high gear using SpreadsheetWEB for real-time information exchange

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