How HR Departments can Benefit from SpreadsheetWEB

Managing and nurturing talent is one of the most critical operations in any organization. Many large companies have already invested heavily on traditional HR solutions. While these solutions provide capabilities for some of the standard HR operations, every organization has additional, unique HR needs. Typically, the result is heavily customized spreadsheets in HR used as tools or makeshift reporting methods. For small businesses that cannot afford the traditional HR solutions, there is no choice but to utilize spreadsheets to manage HR tasks.

How HR Departments can benefit from SpreadsheetWEB

Again, while praised for their flexibility and able to meet the needs of a single user, those spreadsheets in HR lack many features that companies require to accurately manage HR processes and reporting, regardless of company size.

SpreadsheetWEB is the perfect tool for small businesses to automate HR operations. They can collect data, create a workflow, analyze and report results, all without any programming. All they need is a basic understanding of spreadsheet software and SpreadsheetWEB takes care of the rest.