Creating and managing price lists, handling complex price calculations and estimates for specific products or services and producing accurate, detailed sales forecasts are just some of the many processes for which sales departments use Excel spreadsheets. The flexibility, familiarity and calculating power of Excel makes it an ideal tool for working through these processes. However, once again Excel lacks the security, collaboration, and workflow features most sales departments vitally need. For example, you can build a complex pricing model in Excel that sales staff can use to produce a quote for a customer. However, the task doesn’t often stop there. The ability to share those quotes and get approvals from management may be standard procedure. Emailing copies of data-heavy excel workbooks, or placing them on a shared drive is not a secure solution. Senior management also needs real-time, aggregate reporting on estimates, proposals generated and packages sold. Wrangling that data from multiple versions of workbooks and quotes lost in the data stream of multiple emails and spread throughout the organization makes that an impossible task.


SpreadsheetWEB transforms spreadsheet-based sales operations into efficient, accurate, real-time applications, boosting efficiency while cutting errors. Let us revisit the example above. Since SpreadsheetWEB can turn any Excel-based pricing tool into a secure, database driven, collaborative process with no programming involved, each sales person can then access the pricing application over the web from any device (including mobile devices). Salespeople can enter customer data, create quotes and save them securely. All data is stored safely in the database. The result is, sales people can submit quotes to managers for approval, multiple levels of collaboration can be implemented and senior management can review sales activities in aggregate or on a detailed level in real-time. Everything in SpreadsheetWEB is auditable, keeping errors or incorrect calculations out of your business process. It’s the best of all worlds, with your salespeople maintaining familiarity with their favorite tools or processes, no retraining or programming required and perhaps most vital, error-free reporting, data access and approval processes for management.