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Sales Quoting Tools in Excel

Creating and managing price lists, handling complex price calculations and estimates for specific products or services and producing accurate, detailed sales forecasts are just some of the many processes for which sales departments use Excel spreadsheets.

The flexibility, familiarity and calculating power of Excel makes it an ideal tool for working through these processes.

SpreadsheetWeb transforms sales quoting tools in Excel into secure, database driven, web applications

The application below is a live demo of the web application converted from an Excel based insurance quoting tool (screenshot above). It was created entirely on SpreadsheetWeb platform with no coding. It also produces a PDF quote document by pressing "Get Quote" button on the last page.

Mobile enabled

SpreadsheetWeb quoting applications are accessible from any device (including mobile devices)

Database driven

Customer data and quotes are stored in a database, not in spreadsheet files


Sales people can submit quotes to managers for approval, multiple levels of collaboration can be implemented


Customer and quote data can be integrated with CRM systems like SalesForce, HubSpot, etc.

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