To insurance professionals like actuaries or underwriters, creating a homeowners insurance quoting application in Excel is not difficult. If you have a list of base rates and rate factor, and know how to write formulas in Excel, it doesn't take too long to build an Excel rater. But creating a web application is a whole different story. It requires IT resources.

With SpreadsheetWeb, turning that Excel rater into a web application takes only minutes and you don't need any programming skills. Here is a homeowners insurance quoting application created from an Excel rater:

Aside from the fact that it uses dummy rates, it is a complete homeowners insurance quoting application. It even creates a quote document on the last page (press Get Quote button). You can also enable Save feature to store quote information in a database (no database skills required).

Converting an Excel spreadsheet into a web application takes 3 steps with SpreadsheetWeb:

  1. Upload your workbook to SpreadsheetWeb
  2. Configure each page and inputs of your web application by matching them with relevant cells in Excel
  3. Publish your application

Still not convinced? Here is a brief video demonstrating how to convert a similar Excel file (this one is a mortgage calculator) into a web application with SpreadsheetWeb:

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