In this guide, we’re going to show you how to create a progress chart in Excel.

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Steps to create a progress chart

1.      Calculate remaining process

Start by calculating the remaining process. If you are using a percentage value, the formula will simply be =1 - <%progress>.

2.      Insert a doughnut chart

Select a cell in the data and follow the Insert > Charts > Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart > Doughnut path in the Ribbon.

3.      Recolor slices

Although the chart indicates the completed and remaining parts clearly. Two different colors lack to define each portion as an element of the same process. Either remove the color for the Remaining portion or set a softer version of the Progress.

To change the color of a portion, double-click and make sure it is selected. Right-click while the portion is selected and use the Fill menu to set a color.

4.      Reduce the hole size

The default doughnut ring's width is another visual point that doesn't fit a progress bar. A wider ring would work better. This time make sure to select the entire doughnut.

If the properties pane on the right isn't visible, right-click and select Format Data Series item to make it visible.

How to create a progress chart in Excel 04 - Properties

Reduce the Doughnut Hole Size value to between 50% and 60%.

You may want to experiment with the Angel of the first slice property to determine where you want the Remaining slice.

5.      Add a text box

Finally, you need to display the progress value. Rather than regular chart labels a big, fancy indicator will complete your progress chart. A textbox is a better tool for this job. Insert a textbox by following Insert > Illustrations > Shapes > Textbox path and clicking on your worksheet.

  • Once created, select the textbox by clicking its borders.
  • Make sure that you do not see a typing cursor.
  • Click on the Formula Bar and type equal sign without quotes: "="
  • Now either type the reference of the cell containing the progress value or directly click on it.
  • You will see the value in the textbox. This value will be updated by the progress value as a regular formula.

Now use your imagination to make the label fancy.

How to create a progress chart in Excel 08

6.      Delete legend and consider more visualization options

Because a progress chart is meant to display a single value, you do not need a legend. Remove it by clicking on it and pressing Delete key. You can choose Chart Element options as well.

How to create a progress chart in Excel 09 - Blue

You can think of applying other visualization decisions like excluding the percentage sign or adding borders.

How to create a progress chart in Excel 11 - Marble