Marketing is a critical function for businesses of any size. The marketing strategies followed can grow businesses very quickly and spread to a wider audience. This keeps marketing operations critical, that’s why marketing teams use a lot of tools to improve their efficiency and reduce human error by automating tasks.

Lead generation and management is one of the most important tools used by marketing teams. Online lead generation includes online surveys, questionnaires, and interactive tools, such as calculators. They also need to manage these leads and push them through the sales funnel, which are then taken over by their sales teams.

In this article, we will talk about how businesses can handle marketing operations easier and effectively with SpreadsheetWeb.

Creating Interactive Calculators

Online calculators are one of the most important lead generation tools. Many businesses build such tools using spreadsheets. These businesses look for a way to move those calculators to a web platform without coding and No Code platforms are commonly being used for this purpose. However, creating an online calculator without code requires more advanced No-Code platforms with formula and logic capabilities.

With SpreadsheetWeb, businesses can turn these spreadsheets into online interactive calculators without any programming and increase their online traffic by offering those interactive calculators to their website visitors, turning them into quality leads.

Building Complex Questionnaires

For businesses, it is very important to get feedback from customers. The simplest way to do this is to create questionnaires. The usage areas of these questionnaires are very wide and can also be used in internal company operations. Marketing teams, on the other hand, create questionnaires to collect customer feedback.

Every customer might want to share their product/ experience reviews to let businesses know their honest opinion. For this reason, marketing teams try to collect customer feedback through various methods to offer them the best experience. With SpreadsheetWeb businesses can create online questionnaires without hassle. They can include conditional logic to control the visibility of each question based on user responses. Also, they can build workflows for distributing, collecting, and aggregating user responses.

Analyzing User Data

As well as generating leads and receiving customer feedback, analyzing collected data and forming data-driven strategies are also important. With the help of the data collected, businesses can identify their strengths and weaknesses and plan their next steps accordingly.

With SpreadsheetWeb's analytics feature, businesses can get a better understanding of their calculators, questionnaires, and surveys usage through extensive user data and statistics.

Marketing teams are critical for a business’s success. Their main tasks are providing customer service and engagement in public platforms, building awareness of a business/ brand and promoting products or services. For those tasks, marketing teams use various tools to automate their tasks.

For Lead Generation and collecting feedback, marketing teams create interactive calculators, surveys, and questionnaires. Being easy to access and easy to use is important for these tools. Spreadsheet-based tools are commonly used for these purposes.

With SpreadsheetWeb, marketing teams can build online calculators and surveys from spreadsheets and embed them into their webpage. They can then easily collect and analyze user data while increasing traffic to their websites.