Do you need to shorten number, but not round them? Need to find the nearest INTeger or TRUNCate numbers in Excel? Yep, Excel has two functions that do exactly that! You can shorten numbers using the TRUNC and INT functions while preserving the original value, without rounding it.



(only for positive numbers) =INT(number)


  1. Type =TRUNC(
  2. Select or type in the range reference that includes the value (i.e. B3)
  3. Type in ) and press Enter to complete the formula

Note: To get integer value with the TRUNC function, it is enough to omit the second argument, rather than entering 0 (meaning no decimal digits).


TRUNC function returns the exact integer part of a number without rounding it. INT function returns the exact same result for positive numbers. INT function rounds negative numbers to a lower number. Because of this, using TRUNC is typically considered safer.


If you need both integer and decimal parts without rounding, TRUNC can be used to get decimals with its second argument, Num_digits.