A spin button is a control that allows users to select a numeric value from a specific range. These buttons consists of two arrow and look like scroll bars without the scroll. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to insert a spin button in Excel.

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Developer Tab and Spin Button command

The command for adding option buttons can be found under the Developer tab, which is not active in Excel by default. This tab contains macro tools. along with other advanced controls, such as spin buttons.

If the tab is missing in your Excel, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Excel Options under File.
  2. Select Customize Ribbon.
  3. Find and mark the checkbox for Developer in the list box on the right.
  4. Click the OK button to see the tab in the Ribbon

Inserting a Spin button

Once the Developer tab is visible, you can find the Option Button command under the Insert button in the Controls section. When you click the Insert button, you will see the same controls under two sections:

  • Form Controls
  • ActiveX Controls

How to insert a spin button in Excel

Clicking the Spin Button button changes the cursor into a plus. Click anywhere to insert a default spin button, or hold and drag the cursor to define the size of the spin button.

How to insert a spin button in Excel 04

Binding to a cell

  1. Right-click on the spin button.
  2. Select Format Control.
  3. Activate Control.
  4. Enter or select a cell by using Cell link.
  5. Click OK to apply.

After binding, click arrows to change the value in the linked cell. By default, an Excel spin button allows you to set an integer value between 0 and 30,000. Each click on arrows increases or decreases the value by one (1).

How to insert a spin button in Excel 07

Modifying spin buttons

You can customize your spin button, or modify its limits and increment value. Below is a list of available options.

Minimum value: Minimum value that you can select by the scroll bar.
Maximum value: Maximum value that you can select by the scroll bar.
Incremental change: Change value when an arrow is clicked once.