In this article will show you How to insert chess symbols in Excel.

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Copy & Paste

You can simply copy & paste the character from here:


Enjoy. 🙂


Excel (Word too) has a feature named Symbol which is a dialog box that lists all supported characters in a single place. You can open the Symbol dialog box by following INSERT > Symbols > Symbol path in the Ribbon.

In the Symbol dialog box, choose Segoe UI Symbol as Font and Miscellaneous Symbols in Subset dropdown and scroll down to find and insert the chess symbols. Select the symbol you need and click the Insert button.

Keyboard Shortcut

You can insert chess symbols in Excel by your keyboard as well. All you need to the is to know the "Alt Code" of symbol you need. You can use the following table. Just type the number with your numpad while pressing the Alt key on your keyboard.

Mac users can use the Option button instead of the Alt.

Symbol Name Windows Code Mac Code
White Chess King Alt + 9812 Option + 2654
White Chess Queen Alt + 9813 Option + 2655
White Chess Rook Alt + 9814 Option + 2656
White Chess Bishop Alt + 9815 Option + 2657
White Chess Knight Alt + 9816 Option + 2658
White Chess Pawn Alt + 9817 Option + 2659
Black Chess King Alt + 9818 Option + 265A
Black Chess Queen Alt + 9819 Option + 265B
Black Chess Rook Alt + 9820 Option + 265C
Black Chess Bishop Alt + 9821 Option + 265D
Black Chess Knight Alt + 9822 Option + 265E
Black Chess Pawn (emoji) Alt + 9823 Option + 265F



If you frequently use one or more chess symbols in Excel, the AutoCorrect feature can be very useful. The AutoCorrect is an essential Excel feature that corrects misspelled words automatically. Alternative use of this feature is its ability to insert symbols by typing keyboard friendly characters. For example, type (c) to get ©. You can add a new rule for a queen symbol as well.

  1. Open Options window from File tab in the Ribbon.
  2. Activate Proofing tab
  3. Click AutoCorrect Options button
  4. In the AutoCorrect dialog,
    1. enter a friendly text in Replace
    2. enter (copy/paste) a delta symbol in With
  5. Click Add and OK buttons to apply rule and return to worksheet.

We chose the string "bqueen" as a friendly name. From now on, whenever we type "bqueen", Excel will insert a Black Queen symbol.