Public Cloud Packages

With public cloud packages, you can  publish your application in minutes. Your application and your data will be hosted on SpreadsheetWeb cloud. From the list below please select the package that fits best to your requirements.

1: Unlimited unnamed or anonymous users are supported. See users.

2: Public cloud accounts are limited to handle up to 5MB workbook size. We have private cloud packages for larger workbooks. See below for more information.


Do you offer free accounts?
We don't currently offer a free tier. But you can sign up for a free trial account and try SpreadsheetWEB for 14 days. Any application you’ve created during trial can be transferred to your paid account easily. Please contact us for moving your applications.
How is SpreadsheetWeb licensed?
SpreadsheetWEB can be purchased as a Cloud (public or private), or a Server license. Public cloud licenses are charged monthly while private cloud licenses are charged annually. The cloud model can save you the costs and time required for in-house servers, as the software and your web applications are hosted on our servers. We also have traditional server license packages available for larger organizations.
How can I change my payment method or credit card information?
If you are a public cloud user, you can change your credit card information or payment method directly from PayPal. For more information please visit this link.
How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your public cloud account, log in to SpreadsheetWeb Control Panel, go to the My Account page, and press "Cancel Account" button. For more information, please visit link.

Private cloud account holders must contact their account representative or email us at 30 days before their renewal term.

What happens to my web applications when I cancel my account?
When you cancel your account, your account information, web applications, and all other data will be removed from our system. Please note that this process is irreversible.
What is an Application?
Each workbook is considered an application. You can have multiple worksheets in a workbook. it is still considered as one application.
What is a Named User?
Named Users are users accessing applications with their username and passwords. If an application is set "restricted", each user will be prompted with a login window to access the application. On the other hand, unrestricted applications can be accessed by anyone who knows its URL. Users accessing your unrestricted applications are considered "anonymous" and won't count against your named user count.

For more information, please visit link.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is a process where we help you migrate your spreadsheet tool(s) to web application(s) running on SpreadsheetWeb platform. While simple spreadsheets can easily be turned into a web application, more complex files with extensive User Interface and Workflow requirements require a better understanding of how SpreadsheetWeb platform works and can take more time to develop. We provide self-learning materials on our website so that our users can build applications on their own. If you are short on time or resources, you might prefer engaging us to get your applications up and running faster.

Onboarding package includes the following:

  • Assigned project manager
  • Up to two online or phone meetings to capture your application requirements
  • Up to 10 hours of development work to turn your spreadsheet file into a web application on SpreadsheetWeb platform which must be used within 5 business days.
  • Application deployed under your account for review and testing

Onboarding requires that you have purchased a SpreadsheetWeb license prior to the engagement start.

While we will do our best to create at least one application as a part of Onboarding, more complex applications may take longer than 10 hours included in this package. If that’s the case, we will review your requirements and give you a fixed price for the entire project.