This article show you how to count months between two dates using DATEDIF function.


=DATEDIF(start date, end date, "m")


  1. Use =DATEDIF(
  2. Select or type range reference that includes start date B3,
  3. Select or type range reference that includes end date C3,
  4. Type "m" to specify month
  5. Type ) and press Enter to complete the formula


Most Excel users don't know about the DATEDIF function. Microsoft hasn't documented it since Excel 2000 and actually wants it to be forgotten. The DATEDIF function has been derived from Lotus 1-2-3 for compatibility and luckily still there to help us.

The DATEDIF function returns the difference between two dates by specified unit type. It gets 3 arguments, start date, end date and unit. The unit is a string that specifies the difference type that may be day, month, year or combination of them. For example; "m" string represents month and this is what we use in this article.


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