A name in Excel is used for referencing a cell, range, formula, or constant value for easier and faster access to those references. These names are called named ranges in Excel. Using named ranges in your workbook models can save you time and increase your efficiency. For more information about named ranges please see Excel Named Ranges.

When adding named ranges manually one-by-one,  all you need to do is enter the name into the reference box when the range is selected. However, this will be time consuming as the number of names increase. Instead, you can use Create from Selection feature to add multiple names at once. In this guide, we are going to show you how to name multiple cells at once using Create from Selection feature.


1.      Select a range that also includes names

The intended names should be in an adjacent cell in respect to the target range, and can be on any side of the range. On the other hand, Excel cannot recognize names that are in the range.

2.   Click Formulas > Create from Selection

After selecting the range with names, click the Create from Selection icon under Formulas in the Ribbon. This action will open the Create Names from Selection dialog.

3.      Select the row/header option(s) based on names location

If your names are at the top each row in your selection, enable the only Top row checkbox. If you have multiple name locations, such as Top row and Left column, select both.

4.      Click OK

Simply, click OK button to assign the names. You can manage named ranges from the Name Manager under the Formulas tab. The screenshot below shows the names created from Top row and Left column: