Cambridge, MA, May 21, 2018 - Pagos, Inc. has announced the release of version 6.1 of its SpreadsheetWEB software. Empowering the designer module, this update grants responsive web applications several new features like data visualizations, print functionality, and workflow notifications.

Businesses spend tremendous amounts of time in building data models, and thanks to its ease of use, Excel is typically the go-to tool for most applications. With SpreadsheetWeb, even the most complex workbooks can be transformed into full-blown web applications with database integration.

This update enhances the designer module with new data visualization and workflow features that business professionals can use in their responsive web applications. The designer module, the latest addition to SpreadsheetWeb, decouples the user interface generation process from the Excel workbook. Moving away from the traditional ‘conversion’ approach, users can create a web application only by using a drag-and-drop style interface with the designer.

In addition to enabling custom email notifications, this version also added fully interactive charts and maps to visualize data in designer applications. With web applications more comprehensive than ever, collecting and analyzing data is now an integrated part of web applications created with the designer.

The designer now also features email and print capabilities in the form of application-level events that can be set to trigger by certain actions. Application control buttons can now have any number of print, email, save, or calculate events assigned which will trigger when users interact with them.

“We understand the frustration of business users with traditional application development process driven entirely by the IT departments. Business users want to participate in this process by bringing their Excel expertise. SpreadsheetWeb enables them to do that.” says Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos. “That’s why we continuously improve our platform. We have introduced various new data visualization and workflow features in this version.”

About Pagos

Pagos helps businesses translate their employees’ collective Microsoft Excel expertise into robust web applications, empowering them to create secure, responsive, database-driven applications directly from their Excel spreadsheets. This provides companies with a higher level of governance for critical information and – combined with built-in workflow and reporting capabilities – offers an end-to-end platform for business users seeking to create and manage their own web applications.

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