Connecting third party services like CRMs, payment systems, or messaging systems to your web applications typically involves using their API, and this means that you need to have some coding knowledge, or hire someone to do this for you.

We’ve built Connectors to handle this specific purpose - Connector modules have been allowing you integrate your SpreadsheetWEB applications with web services in a matter of a few minutes and without any coding whatsoever.

With this version, we now have a OneDrive connector! OneDrive is one of the most popular cloud services for storing any type of files. You can now upload the outcome of Print or Excel process documents into a OneDrive folder of your choice with the click of a button. All you need to do is create a Print Process, and map the named ranges from the underlying template with those in your workbook. Once the OneDrive connector is ready, you can assign it into an Action Button. When a user clicks the Action Button, the system will automatically send their generated documents into the predefined folder on your OneDrive account.

Another very exciting addition in this version is the page icon support. You can now select from hundreds of icon templates available in the Designer Interface. Sorry, no emojis at this time!

Any icons you select will be displayed right next to the page name when the application is published. You can even remove page names altogether and use only icons instead! Icons can substantially declutter the web interface, and offer more information about specific sections of an application more efficiently without using too much space. This can be especially useful in application that are expected to see heavy mobile use.

In addition to some bug fixes and performance improvements, in this version, we’ve also added an option to make the side menu collapsible in left-orientation, and also use icons only in mobile bottom menu orientation. We hope that you’ll like these amazing new features as much as we do! For a full list of changes, updates, and new features, please see the change log.

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