Cambridge, MA - October 2, 2015 - Pagos announces the release of SpreadsheetWEB 4.6, empowering businesses to transform existing spreadsheet models into online calculation services.

Due to the fact that Excel has essentially limitless capabilities for creating an application with interface and running calculations, everyone is an Excel user. SpreadsheetWEB, on the other hand, transforms Excel users into web developers, data experts and business analysts. Letting you create web applications from your sophisticated spreadsheets, SpreadsheetWEB does this in a secure and collaborative environment, no coding involved. From HR to accounting, from insurance companies to startups, any department or organization could utilize this software to save money and time.

This week, our self-service, collaborative platform took another important step. In this version, we revamped the interface of our software and are excited to introduce the API. This can transform SpreadsheetWEB to the focal point for any online calculation services based on existing spreadsheets or can be programmed into a spreadsheet. Developers can consume this through the new JSON based REST API making it easier to develop applications utilizing business logic contained in these spreadsheets.

“We all know that most developers hate coding complex business algorithms. They are at their best coding things like user interface, security, and database. We also know that most business algorithms have already been or can be implemented in a spreadsheet format by business users. So why not combine the strengths of developers and business users” said Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos, Inc. “Our new API can turn those spreadsheets into generic REST APIs without any programming. Developers can employ them as JSON objects and write their code without knowing anything about the business logic. At the same time, business users can modify and update their logic and its data in a familiar spreadsheet environment, without triggering any re-coding for developers. With the rise of microservices architecture, SpreadsheetWEB has the potential of being a central calculation hub for the entire company and all of its applications.”