CAMBRIDGE, MA - June 16, 2015 - Pagos announces the release of SpreadsheetWEB 4.5 - a Microsoft Excel extension - that lets users create web applications and share data publicly or privately, via a cloud or their own servers, without any coding.

Every competitive business and organization knows the importance of data and its analysis. SpreadsheetWEB gives the non-technical users a secure and collaborative environment to share their data. Applications created with SpreadsheetWEB are accessible from any web browser, for the sake of utility and mobility.

“Creating professional reports in PDF format from their SpreadsheetWEB applications is very important for our client. In this version, we significantly enhanced the reporting capabilities in SpreadsheetWEB.” said CEO, Ugur Kadakal.

Available with various pricing options, SpreadsheetWEB allows clients to automate their operations in an expedited manner, avoiding waste of time and money.

New features in this release include:

Pagos, the makers of SpreadsheetWEB, is a leading technology and IT service provider, delivering software solutions and IT consulting services to clients. SpreadsheedWEB is a groundbreaking software package that allows non-technical business users to create, maintain and manage complex, enterprise-level, web-based applications.