CAMBRIDGE, MA - November 26, 2013 - Software developer, Pagos Inc., announced the release of SpreadsheetWEB Version 4.2, featuring new capabilities to help companies migrate their spreadsheet based business process to the Web.

Since the emergence of spreadsheet software, businesses have been utilizing spreadsheets to automate and manage business processes. Flexibility and simplicity of spreadsheet software allows businesses to transform traditional manual processes to electronic environments. While spreadsheets provided major improvements in transforming manual processes, they fell short of reaching the full potential of business process automation. SpreadsheetWEB takes in-house spreadsheet based business processes and transforms them into collaborative, secure, Web-based, mobile-enabled applications without any programming. Deployed on public and private clouds, SpreadsheetWEB offers flexible licensing options that are affordable to all.

SpreadsheetWEB 4.2 introduces multiple new features that will help companies automate their business processes quickly and cost effectively. From HR to marketing, finance and sales, SpreadsheetWEB allows for easy automation of processes. It enables an average business user to transform a spreadsheet based business process into a Web based business process without any programming or support from IT. It is a complete self-service platform that eliminates expensive and time consuming programming, by empowering business users to manage and control their business processes.

Historically spreadsheets have been the most popular software employed by companies of all sizes to build workflows. However, in today’s exceedingly connected mobile driven business environment, spreadsheet based tools fail to measure up,” said Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos. “SpreadsheetWEB fills the void between the flexibility and power of traditional spreadsheet software and the requirements of automating and managing business process. It transforms existing spreadsheet based business processes into modern applications deployable on the cloud.

About Pagos, Inc:

Pagos, the makers of SpreadsheetWEB, is a leading technology and IT services provider, delivering software solutions and IT consulting services to clients in various industries. SpreadsheetWEB is a groundbreaking software package that allows non-technical business users to create, maintain and manage complex, enterprise-level, web-based applications. Pagos is located in Cambridge, MA.

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