We wanted to produce web-based solutions for our clients. We found Spreadsheetweb ticked all the boxes for us instantly. and we are able to use it as a sandbox for our applications to create extremely complex solutions.

Director, A leading marketing agency in the UK


  • A marketing company based in the UK creates custom sales and quoting tools.
  • Tools are often built in Excel, and contain complex product pricing and financing formulas.

Business Challenges

  • The quoting and financing tools have to be easy to update.
  • Proposal documents must be generated to share with customers.
  • Doesn’t have in-house software programmers and want to be able to maintain products on their own.


  • Flexible document creation.
  • Applications can be hosted on client’s domain.
  • Professional looking applications with advanced features.


  • The company can create white-labelled applications with SpreadsheetWeb’s built-in customization features.
  • Within a matter of weeks, their first application was online.
  • Better reach and centralized system, giving the control to the business.