The Pagos product transforms the everyday excel spreadsheet we all know how to use into a service-oriented, enterprise-grade rating and forms engine. It used to take us months to develop and deploy new programs. Now in a matter of days, we can deploy new programs to both our internal underwriters and our customer agents on the web.

West McAdams

COO, Southern Risk LLC


  • A Medium-Sized MGA with written premiums in excess of $100 Million
  • Serving 1,300 Brokers in 13 States
  • Large variety of Coverage Programs including Marine Insurance and High Value Homeowners Coverage

Business Challenges

  • A flexible rating system was needed to create various coverage models
  • Many different structures for surcharges and discounts
  • Having a single interface to maintain the workflow easily and smoothly


  • SpreadsheetWEB, providing a platform to create and maintain the insurance models
  • Web-services utilization allowing integration with third party applications
  • Separated rating logic and user interface leading to an optimized performance
  • Ease to accommodate changes in the calculation logic or the user interface


  • Southern Risk was able to unite their rating algorithm under single user interface despite its complexity
  • Time spent on modifying existing rating logics as well as creating new ones cut down significantly
  • Added benefit of running tests in batches with the centralized and online nature of SpreadsheetWEB