While searching for an online (web-based) spreadsheet solution, we stumbled across SpreadsheetWEB – what a find! Without SpreadsheetWEB, we would have wasted hours trying to manipulate, format and consolidate relevant data for our clients and potential customers. Not only did the product do most of the work for us, but it also created dynamic charts and graph to quickly look at and analyze KPI’s. As an added bonus, we are now able to aggregate data across all of our clients (with just a few clicks) to create performance baselines which allows our clients to see where they stand compared to others within their specified line of business. SpreadsheetWEB has literally saved us thousands of dollars in development time and I cannot speak highly enough about the product as well as the very responsive and receptive staff.

Spencer Furey

Executive Director of Technical Services, Priority Management Group (PMG)


  • Unique expertise in revenue cycle management for Community Health Centers (CHC)
  • Incorporated in 1998 servicing more than 20 different specialties from primary care to vascular surgery
  • Healthcare reporting and claim management provider
  • Helper to CHCs to increase their revenue from third-party payers and allow CHCs to better deliver quality healthcare to the uninsured and underserved

Business Challenges

  • Manual process of Excel requiring hundreds of man-hours to produce individual reports for all of the clients
  • Distribution of the Reports created by their models in a secure and effective manner
  • Lack of maintaining correct version of the workbooks due to changes and sharing updated versions each time
  • Need for a more scalable online platform with high flexibility as well as a built-in data security


  • SpreadsheetWEB, as the tool for translating spreadsheets to web-based applications without any programming
  • Ability to keep spreadsheets in their original look and feel as well as the same functionality
  • Easy interface to manage both applications and users
  • Eliminated need for constant retooling and rebuilding applications from scratch
  • Easy-to-deploy updates and changes in the applications
  • Eliminated need for downloading hard copies of files and instead having them in a centralized location


  • Converting spreadsheets into web based applications with SpreadsheetWEB took only few weeks saving tremendous amount of time and money
  • Web enabling applications with user authentication also provided ability to create a user hierarchy with access restrictions to individual applications
  • Added capability to aggregate large amount of data to create performance baselines