Building a Custom CRM System with SpreadsheetWEB


How Napkleen deployed a custom CRM system in a matter of days with Pagos SpreadsheetWEB


The Business Challenge


Napkleen International develops disposable clothing protectors. Their patented, disposable product has an adhesive backing that adheres to any type of cloth without damaging the clothing. The soft, waterproof, super-absorbent material, which includes a fold-out crumb-catcher, covers the wearer's chest and stays in place without strings or ties.

Napkleen had a spreadsheet based process to track sales leads. While the process worked well to meet their very specific business requirements, the lack of collaboration, version control and a scalable database caused extensive manual work and errors. They evaluated existing Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems in the market. None of them provided the flexibility and customization their current spreadsheets had without costly custom development.


The Solution


Napkleen contracted Pagos to web-enable their current spreadsheet based CRM system. Pagos SpreadsheetWEB was used to web-enable Napkleen’s CRM system. SpreadsheetWEB provided the following features to meet the business requirements set by Napkleen:
- Maintained the look and feel of the existing CRM system
- Centralized the database to manage sales activities by sales team spread across multiple countries and time zones while providing scalability for future growth
- Ability to manage users who can access the applications through Pagos SpreadsheetWEB Control Panel. This provides complete control to Napkleen Administrators regarding Application Access restrictions.
- Ability to monitor all sales activities by sales managers in real time and create custom reports and further application extensions due to Industry standard SQL usage and ability to use data manipulation features of spreadsheets on retrieved data.
- Ease of adding and modifying features to an existing CRM system by simply changing a spreadsheet file.


The Results


Pagos was able to web-enable Napkleen’s spreadsheet based CRM system in 2 days while maintaining the same functionality and look-andfeel. Napkleen’s sales team continues to use a system with a familiar interface, as SpreadsheetWEB mimics the look-and-feel of their spreadsheets. As a result, transition to new web-based system was quick and smooth. No time or opportunities were lost due to transition issues and training associated with deploying standard CRM systems. The new CRM system is hosted at Pagos’ data center, saving Napkleen the cost of maintaining their own servers. Monthly subscription payments with no upfront fees also help Napkeen control their costs.

"We needed a cost effective solution for managing our database of accounts and it was terrific that we came across your company. I appreciate the fact that you took a hands on approach in modifying our spreadsheet into a tool that we can use. Your prompt response and understanding of the business gave me a lot of confidence. This product works perfectly and allows us to have a simple to understand program that gets the job done. It’s awesome that this all happened in a short period of time."

Izzy Gonzales

Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, Napkleen International