SpreadsheetWEB solved a number of issues for us. We could maintain the security of our pricing structure. We could give our sales reps access to an instant estimating tool while in the field. They can create a custom quote in seconds, right in front of the customer, on their iPhone or laptop, and have a quote letter automatically created and forwarded to their inbox. We could lower the workload on our estimating department. We could make changes to our calculations on the fly, without involving an expensive programmer. Via SpreadsheetWEB reporting functions we could track what pricing was being created with our estimating tool, which was obviously not a possibility with a spreadsheet. These things give us a distinct advantage over our competition.

Adam Seiz

Estimating Manager, Brown Industries


With nearly one million square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space, Brown offers their design and manufacturing expertise in large format printing, offset and digital printing, and wood and metal fabrication.

Business Challenges

Two years ago, Brown began building a spreadsheet in order to handle simple pricing estimates for their printing division. The spreadsheet was designed for quick and consistent pricing for basic printing needs. The ability to produce on-the-fly estimates made the spreadsheet a powerful tool in the hands of their inside sales and sales departments; rather than waiting for their requests to be processed by an estimating department, they were able to access the information that they required just as soon as they required it. However, several security concerns still remained – preventing them from releasing the spreadsheet to all parties that required it. They simply couldn’t risk their estimating formulas and pricing standards falling into the hands of their competition, which becomes a greater possibility the more frequently that spreadsheets are duplicated and transferred openly.


They began searching for alternative solutions and they stumbled across SpreadsheetWEB. After an initial demo with the Pagos team, they were convinced that SpreadsheetWEB was the right technology for the project.



Their Excel workbook was easily published as a web application through SpreadsheetWEB. They purchased a cloud license to simplify any additional application maintenance – and the whole system was up and running in a matter of days.